Return Policy
At Sidney Mattress our return policy is no return policy.  We don’t offer a “comfort guarantee”.  This might sound a little extreme, but our reasons are solid.  Health and sanitation.  Especially now with the big resurgence of — bed bug infestations.  We do not want to get bed bugs and we certainly don’t want to give them.  You can rest easy at Sidney Mattress. You will always get a brand new mattressthat has never been slept on before.  Ever.  Your new mattress will always be made locally right here in BC, just for you.
What do I do with my old mattress?
We suggest recycling it. If the mattress is no good for you, it’s definitely no good for your child’s bedroom, or a second bedroom, unless you really don’t want your guest to be with you long.  We can assist you with recycling it if you like, but we will ask if you’ve had bed bugs up front, so be honest. We will charge a small fee to recycle your old mattress. Give us a call for details. This service is available to our customers with the purchase of a new mattress.
 I am noticing a body impression develop on my mattress. What do you suggest I do? 
You can rotate your mattress from head to foot. Also, if you sleep with a partner, try to change up your sleeping positions every once in a while. What we mean here is sleep closer together so that the center section of your mattress doesn’t develop a bump.


Mattress Warranty & Care


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